Ahead in stabilisation

For every type of yacht, we offer the best, most modern and advanced stabilisation solutions! We strive to always guarantee every yacht owner the best in stabilisation.

No. 1 choice dutch yacht builders
A worldwide dealer network
In house development and production
No. 1 choice dutch yacht builders
A worldwide dealer network
In house development and production
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A stabilisation solution for every yacht in every situation

With our unique combination of fin stabilisers, rotor stabilisers and gyros, DMS Holland offers a stabilisation solution tailored to customer needs for any yacht in any situation.


Improved safety

Improve the safety of your yacht in rough seas


Less sea sickness

Sea sickness caused by stabilisation issues


Better sleep quality

Fatigue of passengers and crew may decrease


Fuel consumption

Increasing stability decrease fuel consumption

Stabilisation for every occasion

Over 20+ years of experience

With more than 20 years of experience in stabilisation for yachts, DMS Holland ensures you the most user-friendly and highest-quality solution.

Meet our experts


Noël D'hondt | Pollard OC40

Recommended for anyone on open water

Anton van den bosch
Anton van den Bosch | CEO Elling Yachting

Elling Yachting and DMS Holland

Install arg
Elburg Jachtcenter

Installation of a DMS ARG

Dave abrams
Dave Abrams

First DMS MagnusMaster in the US

Richard Beentjes | Mulder Super Favorite 10.50

Sailing on big water is not exciting anymore

Andante 438 OC varend
Leo van der Heiden | Aquanaut Andante 438

A great product from a reliable company

Erik Spindler | Grand Banks

Operation is easy and you hear nothing

Opstomer 1100
Jinne Tania | Opstomer 1100

With the stabiliser on, you can just leave the coffee on the table

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MM outline
DMS MagnusMaster

DMS MagnusMaster

  • Ultimate stabilisation from 3 to 12 knots
  • All-electric
  • Maintenance-free - 5-year warranty
  • No. 1 choice Dutch yacht yards
Sfeerbeeld UNI vrijstaand
DMS Universal

DMS Universal

  • Advanced modern operating system
  • Suitable for all existing hydraulic fin stabilisers
  • Expansion to soft zero speed stabilisation
  • Every size yacht, every speed
Arg vrijstaand
DMS Anti Rolling Gyro

DMS Anti Rolling Gyro

  • Optimal zero speed stability for all vessels up to 250 tonnes
  • 5-year warranty
  • The best price/quality ratio
  • Robust design for unrivalled lifespan
AIO header
DMS All-in-One

DMS All-in-One

  • Stabilisation system suitable for all yachts and all speeds
  • New development
  • Available from 2024
  • Patented
DMS AntiRoll

DMS AntiRoll

  • For slow-moving superyachts > 30 metres
  • Custom built
  • Patented
  • Optimal stabilisation at anchor and underway

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