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DMS Universal

Advanced operating system for all yachts with existing fin stabilisers

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It is often the control system for a yacht’s existing fin stabilisers that no longer works properly due to malfunction, age or because parts are no longer available.

If the fins themselves and the mechanical / hydraulic part still all work well, with years of potential operation still left in them, it is a shame to opt for a completely new and expensive roll damping system.

A more practical and efficient solution is to only replace the defective controller with a DMS Universal system. This is a state of the art digital control system developed by DMS Holland that features the latest technology, such as a CAN bus system, a colour touch screen and an electronic multi-term controller equipped with ingenious stabilisation algorithms.

DMS Universal is durable, reliable and deliberately uses readily available industrial components should an unexpected service be required.

In addition to the soft zero speed capability, this also features a number of other special functions in the 'Pro' version.

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Huge cost savings

By retaining the existing fins and mechanical/hydraulic parts, and only replacing and improving the operating system that controls them, the costs remain relatively low and you can continue with your system for years to come.

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Cutting-edge control system

DMS Universal benefits from smart stabilisation algorithms, an easy to read, full colour 5” touch screen display (with sunlight visibility) and full integration with alarm systems and navigational equipment. It also features.

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Extra convenience

The use of industrial components keeps maintenance and service costs to a minimum. In addition, the DMS Universal is suitable for two or four fin stabilisers and the operation is extremely modern and straight forward.


Zero speed-function

If you need a high-performing zero speed function, it can be added to the DMS Universal operating system.

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