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DMS MagnusMaster

For low-speed cruising and semi-displacement yachts up to 30 metres

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More comfort and safety at sea

You cannot compare the MagnusMaster with other conventional stabilisation systems due to its technical innovation and better results. This latest generation of rotor stabilisers provides roll damping at low speeds of 3 to 12 knots on yachts up to 30 metres. At speeds above 12 knots, the Magnus effect no longer increases and therefore the DMS MagnusMaster automatically retracts.

When retracted, the rotors remain largely within the turbulent boundary layer of the vessel, meaning resistance is negligible.

View the online MagnusMaster brochure for more info and video testimonials.

MagnusMaster brochure

The Magnus Effect

It is a work of high-quality technology based on a universally acknowledged law of nature: the Magnus effect, that works in both liquid and air, was discovered and documented by Heinrich Magnus. DMS Holland has been able to optimise this effect by developing and applying advanced new techniques. Would you like to know more about the Magnus effect? Click here for further information.

DMS Holland has been able to optimise this effect by developing and applying advanced new techniques. To guarantee durability and continuity, the system uses electronic components from the well-known German brand Lenze, including electric motors, displays, drives and servo motors.

How does the Magnus effect work?
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For New Build or Retrofit Installation

DMS MagnusMaster stabilisation is increasingly becoming the system of choice for many new build production motor yachts as well as for one off specialist projects. Whether a single, twin or even 4 rotor system (depending on the length and weight of the boat), shipyards are finding its versatility of positioning, compact size and ease of installation makes it a far more viable option than many other fin or gyro systems. Owners are not only attracted to MagnusMaster for its superior low speed performance, but also for its quality, reliability and pure simplicity of operation when they want to use it.

Thanks to all the above factors, MagnusMaster is also ideally suited to retrofit applications and, as an all electric system, there is no need to install complicated hydraulic packs. It is so compact and versatile in its positioning that a suitable location can almost always be found without major upheaval to the engine room or interior. In most cases installation from start to finish can be completed in a matter of a few weeks with the minimal of disturbance to existing systems.

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Advantages of the MagnusMaster over conventional fin stabilisers:


As the effectiveness of the rotors is already very noticeable at low speeds, the risk of seasickness is minimal.

The innovative system drive ensures far fewer moving parts, resulting in reduced noise level. The MagnusMaster is simply very quiet.

The control of the system is user-friendly and can be integrated into the onboard system. Operation is simple via an easy-to-read full-colour touch screen.

The MagnusMaster has been developed for your convenience.

Improved roll damping

Roll damping with the MagnusMaster is much more effective when the yacht is at speeds of 3 to 12 knots. The MagnusMaster is suitable for yachts up to 30 metres.

Minimal risk of breakdown

The MagnusMaster is fully electric and directly driven, eliminating the need for a fan belt. Maintenance-free bearings are used around the shafts. DMS has kept the technology as simple as possible, so that hydraulics, pumps, cylinders and pressure pipes are not necessary. This makes leaks and other hydraulic-related malfunctions, as well as unpleasant noise, a thing of the past.

Your MagnusMaster stabilisers do their job worry-free, safely, quietly and very effectively.

Very compact and retractable

The entire system is electrically retractable, preventing damage in shallow water. When retracted, the rotors remain within the turbulent boundary layer of the hull and resistance is therefore negligible, producing a favourable effect on fuel consumption. When retracted, they are almost impossible to damage during transport.

Because the rotors do not have any steering effect, the positioning — unlike with traditional fins — can be freely determined and a suitable place can always be found to install the very shallow and compact electric motor. Loss of space is therefore kept to a minimum and major renovations in the engine room are not necessary.i

Safe and considered

At DMS, the safety of people on board is key. That is why the rotors are automatically retracted when the vessel’s engine is put into neutral or the drive drops out. This prevents damage during maneuvering and mooring at a quay, lock, harbour or around other vessels and safety is guaranteed.


• Maximum Power: 1500W (per rotor)
• Average Consumption: 1000W (per rotor)
• Voltage: 230 Volt Single Phase AC + 24 Volt DC
• Rotor Material: Carbon
• Elbow Material: Steel with Advanced Coatings
• Shaft Material: Stainless Steel
• Integral Manual Emergency Operation
• Single Rotor Installation up to a max of 20 Tonnes
• CAN Bus Operation
• NMEA Interface with Raymarine

Tech tekening mm

Installation of a DMS MagnusMaster


Owner Jeanneau NC 11

The IJsselmeer and the Wadden Sea will now be more enjoyable to navigate

Pim Ligthard | Senior Technical Superintendent Baggerbedrijf de Boer

The crew is very happy with it, the ARG is performing beyond expectations

Willem de Vries | MY Greystorm - Sturiër 520 OC

With 1 push of a button, the rocking is over.

Arthur van Berge Henegouwen | MY Ammerland

Perfect for inland sailing

Marc van Nunen | Super Van Craft 'Chancaro'

The best retrofit option for our boat

MV Astra
Crew MV Astra

DMS MagnusMaster on MV Astra

Herman Wessels |

The DMS MagnusMaster functioned flawlessly

No image
Ed de Moor |

Without DMS, a round of UK was impossible

Opstomer 1100
Jinne Tania | Opstomer 1100

With the stabiliser on, you can just leave the coffee on the table

Erik Spindler | Grand Banks

Operation is easy and you hear nothing

Andante 438 OC varend
Leo van der Heiden | Aquanaut Andante 438

A great product from a reliable company

Richard Beentjes | Mulder Super Favorite 10.50

Sailing on big water is not exciting anymore

Dave abrams
Dave Abrams

First DMS MagnusMaster in the US

Install arg
Elburg Jachtcenter

Installation of a DMS ARG

Anton van den bosch
Anton van den Bosch | CEO Elling Yachting

Elling Yachting and DMS Holland

Noël D'hondt | Pollard OC40

Recommended for anyone on open water