Experience first hand what the DMS MagnusMaster can do. Are you in?

Join the “DMS Experience Days” to experience first hand just how the DMS MagnusMaster delivers more stability, more comfort and a lot less chance of seasickness.
This latest generation of rotor stabilisers provides roll damping at low speeds of 3 to 12 knots on yachts up to 30 metres.

New DMS Experience Days are planned in April and September of 2024. This time with MY Greystorm, a Sturiër 520 OC. The exact date and place will be announced here later.

If you are interested, please send an email with your details to rvanhal@dmsholland.com and we will kindly keep you posted.

Sturiër 25 Greystorm 35 19

In this video you can see the effect of the DMS MagnusMaster.