DMS MagnusMaster

You cannot compare the MagnusMaster with other conventional stabilisation systems due to its technical innovation and better results. This latest generation of rotor stabilisers provides roll damping at low speeds of 3 to 12 knots on yachts up to 30 metres. At speeds above 12 knots, the Magnus effect no longer increases and therefore the DMS MagnusMaster automatically retracts.

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DMS All-in One

DMS Holland is adding the finishing touches to the innovative DMS All-in-One  fin stabilisers. There is no such unique system already out there on the market and this one is now being thoroughly tested by DMS Holland’s development department for performance, safety, user-friendliness, durability and quality. This innovation has been patented by DMS and the performance level makes the All-in-One a real game changer. The DMS All-in-One has three functions for stabilising: At high speed, at cruising speed and at zero speed.

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AIO Rear View Cruising Speed 750

DMS Universal

A more practical and efficient solution is to only replace the defective controller with a DMS Universal system. This is a state of the art digital control system developed by DMS Holland that features the latest technology, such as a CAN bus system, a colour touch screen and an electronic multi-term controller equipped with ingenious stabilisation algorithms.

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