After years of research, using all our knowledge and experience, testing, quality control and further refining the technique, DMS Holland introduces the DMS All-in-One fin stabilisers. The All-In-One is a new innovation that once again shows DMS Holland to be at the forefront of everything available worldwide in the field of marine stabilisation.

Van den Hoven Jachtbouw gets the scoop and will install the first All-In-One on its successful Voyager 50 Coupé. We are very proud that owner Bart van den Hoven trusts us as ‘launching client’ to build on the long-standing relationship in this way.
Bart van den Hoven: "We know how DMS Holland works and the quality of their products. So that gives us confidence. The new DMS All-In-One will take the comfort of the 50 Coupé to an even higher level."

During last year’s DMS Experience Event we presented the first working version of DMS All-in-One, this year throughout METS, marine professionals and shipyards can sign up for an experience in Amsterdam aboard the first boat equipped with All-in-One to see for themselves why this will be a 'Game Changer' in the stabilisation market.

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